Dubai City Tour

Sightseeing Dubai - In and around the multi facet of the city
Dubai City Tour takes you through the bustling city so famous for its iconic super structures, landmark coastline as well as ancient heritage architectures. Every milestone of this tour holds you in awe. The city's transformation from trading hub for spicy, pearl and Gold (Dubai is also known as "City of Gold") evidenced by its Souks and loading of dhows on the creek to bustling tourism and manufacturing hub is a study of contrasts. The grand vision of its rulers and their tireless efforts to make it come true has made this city a must visit for every tourist in the world. It is actually nothing but a journey of city from its rich past to glorious present. Sightseeing Tour Dubai is a lesson to everyone to dare to dream big and achieve it too.

Dubai City Tour - The Experience:
Sightseeing Tour starts in the morning from Dubai Creek when you would see water taxis zipping past taking busy citizens across the creek. You would also see some of the most wonderful architectures that tower over the creek. From there the sightseeing tour Dubai takes you to the famed Spice souk and Gold Souk. You would be amazed to find so much gold being sold by merchants out in the open. Dubai is famous for the purity of its Gold. From there you would be taken to Al Fahidi Fort in Bastakia which is more than 180 years old but preserved in very good condition. A visit to Museum, where the Dubai Government showcases its rich past of pearl diving, spice trading to the favorite past time of its "local" citizens, is a must. The museum is also high-tech as one sees a lot of animated 3D puppets doing various popular activities. From there it proceeds to the Grand Jumeirah Mosque which is a study of Arabic Architecture in full splendor. You spend moments of serenity before proceeding towards the iconic Burj Al Arab. The clean roads lined with well cured flower plants of various hues would make this drive very peasant. The world famous Jumeirah Open beach would be another milestone of this tour. Once you reach Burj Al Arab, you would get some time to do your photo shoot of the architecture which is one of the most photographed buildings in the world. Next stopover is Madinat Jumeirah, an traditionally Arabian inspired upmarket souk with its own waterways. From there you tour would proceed to the most famous manmade island called The Palm with its fronds and very upmarket development culminating to the Atlantis hotel. You would probably get tired of the photo-ops that you would get during Sightseeing tour Dubai. Then you would drive through one of the world's most famous roadways, "Sheikh Zayed Road" and reach Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest structure standing at 2270 feet and more than 160 floors. The Complete Tour takes around 4 hours helping you explore and admire the city's cultural as well as architectural craftsmanship in every sense.

Sharjah City Tour

Sightseeing Sharjah City Tour review the art and culture bend
Sharjah is the cultural capital of Arab world. Dotted with cultural and educational Institutions, the city boasts of lot of sightseeing options. Sharjah City Tour would provide you an amazing insight into the cultural heritage and the artistic bend in all spheres of life. The emirate is known for its traditional Islamic values and still retains the old world charm providing you a day full of serene sightseeing options.

Sharjah City Tour - The Experience:
You start your tour enjoying the sceneries and beautiful parks on the way. Your visit to the museum is thought provoking and entertaining. You get an idea about the old lifestyle of the people. On your Tour you will pass by the beautiful Corniche & the 150 year old Al Naboodah house that reflect the ways of life of a wealthy pearl trading family. Your visit to the blue souq is exciting as you get a chance to visit more than 600 shops sell carpets, gold, silver antiques, perfumes & clothes. The emirate has also developed a unique family entertaining place with its own "Eye of Sharjah" called Qanath al Kasbah.

Abu Dhabi City Tour

Sightseeing Tour of Abu Dhabi Truly a capital experience
Abu Dhabi means "The Father of Gazelle" in Arabic language. Abu Dhabi is the capital and the largest city of the UAE. The city is also the most oil producer among all emirates of UAE. Its oil wealth is reflected through the opulent buildings and new infrastructure developments. It is also the ruling seat of UAE as it is home to the Royal Family of Emirates. Abu Dhabi is also home to one of the most exclusive hotel properties known all over world as The Emirates Palace Hotel. Tour also includes drive through the beautifully maintained corniche running along the blue waters of the Arabian Sea.

Abu Dhabi City Tour - The Experience:
The Tour starts when our tour guide picks you up in the morning. You pass through the iconic Sheikh Zayed Road that run from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. You pass through the busy road which is almost the lifeline of Dubai. While you are leaving Dubai, you would see huge factories, beautiful skyline of Dubai as well as glimpses of new developments. As soon as you reach the boarder of Abu Dhabi, the afforestation belt starts running along with you. This afforestation drive was initiated by ex-president and father of nation, Sheikh Zayed for whom environmental issues were close to heart. The Abu Dhabi's greenery is fully credited to the Green Vision of Sheikh Zayed. The Abu Dhabi city starts with the awesome Sheikh Zayed mosque which stands in full splendor bathed in white marble. From there the Sightseeing Tour of Abu Dhabi proceeds to Buteen Estate which is the home to royalty. The next stop is Emirates Palace Hotel which is among the very few 7 star hotels in the world. The corniche of Abu Dhabi and the adjoining heritage village are both part integral part of city tour. You would be then taken to the majestic Marina Mall for some shopping as well as lunch. The trip back to Dubai passes through the famed Ferrari theme park which is an engineering miracle. You return home after a time

Al Ain City Tour

Sightseeing Tour of Al Ain Nature Carves a Beautiful City
Al Ain City is one of the greenest cities in the Middle East. As it is the birth place of the father of nation, Sheikh Zayed whose love for nature is well known, this city is turned into oasis by his highness. Al Ain City tour also takes you to the Jebel-e-Hafeet mountain range which boasts of hot springs. Al Ain City boarders Oman and many tourists love to go to the picturesque boarder.

Al Ain City Tour - The Experience:
Your Al Ain tour with us starts at 8:00 am when our tourist guide welcomes you to your vehicle. The trip to Al Ain from Dubai passes through new developments like Dubai Knowledge City, Silicon Oasis etc. As soon as the car enters Al Ain, the greenery starts and it accompanies you all through your trip. Your Al Ain tour includes visit to other famous places of the city such as Hilly gardens, an impressive excavation site and the biggest Museum in Abu Dhabi, the Al Ain Museum. After lavish lunch (optional) in a fine dining restaurant, your tour moves ahead towards the Oasis Town of Buraimi in Oman and you get to relax at the poolside for a brief time and then proceed with your trip where you visit the Camel Market, one of its kinds. Then you move ahead to see the traditional traces of an ancient civilization at hilly gardens where you find tombs preserved in the botanical garden. At the end of your Sightseeing tour of Al Ain you pass through the famous mountain of the Jebel Hafeet, hot springs of Al Ain and Hilly Fun City. This rocky place offers a lot of fun and enjoyments to both kids and adults and then we head back to Dubai.

East Coast Tour

East Coast UAE - Wadis to Mountains
East Coast Tour is a full day tour to the picturesque Northern Emirates consists of Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah. The tour affords you much more bio and geo diversity and is a true visual delight. The trip passes through the winding roads of Hajar Mountains as well as green farm lands of Fujairah (a farming practice that dates back to 500 BC). You would see nature water pools as well as green shrubs. The East Coast tour so named because the trip runs along the East Coast of UAE, most of the coastline is teaming habitat of various marine creatures and offers you photographic opportunities. Since the road passes through the towns of these emirates, you would be able to see various dimensions of local cultures

East Coast Tour - The Experience:
First stopover is the Al Dhaid District of Sharjah which is a small town that leads to the mountainous North. Afterwards you drive through the Dibba village to reach Bidayah. We would stop in few places so that you can capture the nature beauty in your camera. You next step is the famed Friday Market situated on the main road that leads to Fujairah. This market is famous for selling traditional carpets, clay pots as well as fresh fruits. You next proceed to Fujairah where you visit the famous Fujairah heritage village which displays the traditional life of the Bedouin tribe. Before ending your tour you take a brief break at the oldest Mosque of the UAE that was built in the 14th Century, and is situated on the Mountains beside the road and then a short break to the town of Khor Fakkan which has a lovely beach. You would get to see Indian Ocean at Khor Fakkan. A short lunch break at one of the fine dining restaurants along the beach and we drive you back to Dubai.

Burj Khalifa Tour

At the Top - Burj Khalifa
How about riding the World's Fastest Elevator and going at the top of World's Tallest Building which is located right next to the Largest Mall in the World? Join us to travel in the "Vertical City" of Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa or Khalifa Tower is a skyscraper in Dubai, UAE and is one of the most remarkable structures on this planet. The sight of it makes one realize that there are no limits of human intellect and compels the viewer to appreciate the beautiful architectural design. Being elevated to a height of 829.8 m (2,722 ft), it stands as the tallest man-made structure in the world. Apart from that, it holds several other World Records such as, World's highest and fastest elevator installation, Tallest freestanding structure, Building with most floors (160 floors), Building with highest occupied floor in the world (160th floor), The world's first tallest structure in history to include residential space, Highest outdoor observation deck (124th floor), Highest mosque (located on the 158th floor) and World's highest swimming pool. Not to mention, Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol, a famous movie by Tom Cruise, was shot inside and around this remarkable piece of art.

Burj Al Arab

Dinner at the Burj Al Arab Hotel

An opulent multicultural Dinning
luxurious dining opportunity waits for you at Burj- Al-Arab, the stunningly elegant interior of the hotel creates an aura for a romantic dinner. The setting and the superior service of the staff elevates your spirit for the fine dining with your loved ones.

Lunch at the Burj Al Arab Hotel – Dubai

Lunch in delight at the Architectural Wonder
A wonderful and rare opportunity to enjoy lunch on a grand and elegant fashion at world's most luxurious hotel Burj Al Arab, spend your time with your loved ones in the cozy and chic ambience relishing the sumptuous food while admiring the enchanting beauty of the whole area.

Burj Al Arab Hotel Afternoon Tea
The Pleasant Burj Al Arab High Tea Time
Have the most royal day of your life at Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious hotel in Dubai. The ambiance and the aesthetic setting of the hotel would set the perfect background for a romantic and elegant tea time with your loved ones, make the most out of the experience and capture the rare moments to be cherished forever.

Shopping Tour in Dubai

Dubai Shopping Tour

Reviving & spectacular tour
Get ready for a vibrant shopping experience with us. Dubai is the city where shopping is second to breathing. Explore the chic outlets and attractions and muse on their bargains and deals, have a cathartic shopping effect and emerge totally rejuvenated in Dubai.

Shopping in Dubai is iconic. Dubai has become one the most organized and westernized city in the Gulf and that makes it the shopping heart for the whole world. People from all over the world arrange special shopping tours to Dubai and Dubai is their main choice when they think to do shopping from a foreign land.
The shopping malls in Dubai currently holds 14 million square feet of shopping space and this area is anticipated to double in next few years. There are around 20 main shopping malls in Dubai and there is large variety of choice for shopping in Dubai.
As you know Dubai is best for gold, jewelry, fashion, electronics, carpets and handicrafts shopping. Your Dubai shopping tour with us involves the visits of all the main shopping malls and markets of your interest. We lead you to the prime shopping centers and help you have the most fulfilling shopping experience you ever had in Dubai.

Helicopter Tour

Helicopter City Tour in Dubai
Helicopter Tour of Dubai is the best way to see Dubai in its full glory. The full Helicopter Tour in Dubai lasts around 30 minutes but in these 25 minutes the entire Dubai landmarks are covered. The Helicopter does not fly very high affording you very close view of the iconic structures and some dimensions of these views cannot be covered in any other way. The height gives an advantage of being part of these landmark buildings and pear down to catch a glimpse of life as it is happening below.

Helicopter Tour Experience:
The 30 minute dream flight over the landmark structures of Dubai starts with a safety briefing where the expert pilot would explain the safety aspects. After the required formalities are completed, you would be onboard and your excitement builds up with the churning of the rotor blades. Slow ascent of the copter to a height from where you can see Dubai in sheer visual delights. The Helicopter City tour Dubai includes flying past Dubai Creek and very soon you are over the manmade wonders such as "The World" Islands, The Palm, The Atlantis Hotel as well as Burj Al Arab. Dubai city unfolds in front of you with various malls like Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates etc. on your visual range. The whole city seems to be a beautiful collage of various colors rendered by the Blue Ocean, colorful structures as well as sandy beaches. This is one trip when you will feel top of the world.


Dubai Seaplane Creek Silver Experience

Dubai Seaplane Tour - Blend elegance with adventure
Dubai creek seaplane tour is an exciting 30 minutes flying that give you a glimpse of the marvelous landmarks of Dubai from the sky. You spend time in extreme lavishness enjoying the views and the movement of the seaplane, Dubai creek seaplane tour is indeed an adventurous flying over the landmarks of Dubai making you feel powerful and in control of your entertainment options for the day.
Dubai Seaplane Trip Pearl Experience
Scenic and lofty tour on air
Your flying experience in Dubai by a seaplane named Cessna 208 convoy is a 30 minute boarding on small aircraft. Your seaplane tour in Dubai take off from the warm and blue water, flying high in the air you watch some beautiful sights of Dubai city from the sky. The modern aircraft in the backdrop of deep blue water set the most romantic and exciting moments for your holiday in Dubai.
Dubai Seaplane Tour Northern Emirates Experience
Pristine Beauty on Air
After checking into the Jebel Ali Hotel you become ready to have Aerial Sightseeing of Dubai in seaplane and take-off in a Cessna Caravan Amphibious seaplane. Your flying over Dubai in sea plane offers you the opportunity to have a look on the wonders of Dubai such as The classic island of Palm Jumeirah, the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel, the historic Dubai creek, Dubai Festival city and then along the Northern Emirates coastline you fly over the emirates of Umm Al Quawain, Ajman with seaplane landing at Ras Al Khaimah. You return from Ras Al Khaimah to Dubai by road. Your Dubai seaplane tour offers you maximum enjoyment as you are offered guaranteed window seats.

Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Ballooning Hot air ballooning ride in Dubai is a fascinating experience where you fly like a bird over the huge and massive red sand dunes, an opportunity to see wandering camels and gazelles. Hot Air Ballooning in Dubai provides you an opportunity to fly over the dunes to a height from where you see the desert as a painted canvass.

Hot Air Balloon Experience:
Hot Air Ballooning offers a unique experience of seeing desert from the angle of a falcon. The vast expanse with endless curves looks like as if there is a red carpet spread on the earth. Everything about desert becomes very different. The horizons keep changing with the movements of the balloon and the silence around you ensures that your visual sense capture the essence of desert in a multi-dimensional manner. It is pure poetry in motion. There is no materialistic clamoring, no honking of vehicles, just you and your nature. Since the Hot Air Balloon gently sways in the air, there is no fear factor. It is like a swing which is gently caressing you while you are soaking in the unpolluted air.


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World Theme Park

Hurry The Rides Are Going Fast
Seeking a day full of fun and thrill in UAE? Ferrari World is the right place for you. So fasten your seat belts and get ready for Ultimate Adrenaline Rush. Ferrari World is a Ferrari Themed amusement park, located on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. Covered under a 200,000 m2 roof, it is the world's largest indoor theme park which features more than 20 various rides and attractions to create an unforgettable experience for every member of the family. It also provides a wide variety of Italian restaurants, unique shopping experience and dedicated entertainment.

Ferrari World - The Experience:
Getting picked up from your place, you start your journey in morning to the city of Abu Dhabi, finally reaching Ferrari World. The excitement level rises when you see the red structure of Ferrari World Park from a long distance. The Ferrari logo on the roof measures an incredible 65 meters in length and covers an area of 3,000 sqm; the biggest Ferrari logo ever created. The visually distinctive form and shape crowns the Yas Marina Circuit and due to its location, the sleek shape and beauty of the building can be experienced by anyone driving past or flying over the Island. The building is a true architectural expression of the values of the Ferrari brand itself.
As every ride incorporates Ferrari design and technology, you will be able to experience the feelings and emotions of a real Ferrari Driver. You will experience the ultimate adrenaline rush as you ride in few of the world's best rides. Hold your breath while you ride Formula Rossa, the world's fastest roller coaster and G-Force that makes you skip a beat while it launches you to a height of 203 ft into open sky. Don't forget to take along your camera as you would love to get yourself pictured with world's most amazing cars.
After spending a fantastic day, you head back to your place with memories of unforgettable moments and feelings that can only be experienced but not explained in words. You will just repeat this one word the whole day, "WOW".

Wild Wadi Water Park

Water Theme Park Dubai

Wild Wadi - Ride the waves of joy! Fun blast on a master playground
Experience pure form of entertainment and fun at Wild Wadi Water Park, one of the most sought after water theme parks in Dubai. Ideally located in the heart of the city, close to the iconic Jumeirah beach hotel and Burj Al Arab, Wild Wadi has got lot of interesting water slides and record breaking wave pools to its credit. Overwhelmingly entertaining for all age group, Wild Wadi is indeed the right pick for a great weekend.


Swim with Dolphins in Dubai - Private Session

Dubai Dolphinarium - Exclusive Swimming opportunity with Dolphins
Get the experience of meeting with the ever smiling, intelligent, and bottle-nose Dolphins in a personal private session. The beauty of the session is that you get enough time to spend with the Dolphins in your own pace. Seeing the cute dolphins in clear blue water itself is soothing. You enjoy the session to the core as you swim and play with the dolphins in great cheer. The setting is elegant and unwinding. For parents it's a lovely opportunity to build bond with kids and for others a sheer form of fun and action. These human friendly Dolphins communicate by echolocation similar to emit clicking sounds and listen the return echo to judge the position and shape of nearby things.

Swim with Dolphins - Mixed Session

Rare experience to touch, hug, kiss and swim around real Dolphins
Swim with Dolphins session is an exclusive leisure program to have great fun with the Dolphins, where you swim along with the Dolphins in the pool and play with them. Kids would love this rare experience to get in touch with the friendly creature.

The Dubai Live Dolphins & Seals Show with Photo Session

Capture the glorious show live
Experience and enjoy the real fun that experts have put together by arranging the most exciting marine mammals to make you surprised. During a dolphin show in Dubai, Dolphins and Fur Seals displays activities that are part of their natural behaviors and result in amazing sequences of different enjoyable performances. Dolphin show in Dubai increases the frontier of your knowledge as the whole show offers full time enjoyment, thrill and knowledge and there is no way you can stop yourself from bringing a smile on you and your children faces when in Dubai they see dolphins happily moving in their home aquariums

Ski Dubai - Combo Snow Park & Ski Dubai Tour

Ski Dubai Tour - The Coolest Thing to Do In Hot Dubai
Ski Dubai is a distinguished type of enjoyment based on Alpine theme, it provides you a chance to get fun on real Snow in Dubai Snow Park throughout the year at comfy temperatures sustained at -1 º to -2 º. Ski Dubai has covered 3000 square meters with snow in an outstanding manner, and Ski Dubai is the largest indoor snow park of the world- a 3000 square meter area covered with snow.

Scuba Diving in Dibba Musandam

Dibba Scuba Diving in Oman Musandam
Dive down to the marine treasures Scuba diving a very popular marine sport for those who love to go an extra depth and watch diverse marine life and be one with them. Scuba Diving in Musandam Dibba offers you this opportunity. Two factors that make Musandam Dibba diving very attractive are at The warm water of fjords is preferred by the marine life to breed and the water is not very deep and the tides are not too dangerous and hence is safe. Deep inside the view of marine life is like watching through kaleidoscope. The only difference is that the colors are more vibrant. Scuba diving at Musandam Dibba is entertaining, informative as well, as super relaxing.

Scuba Diving in Fujairah UAE

Scuba Diving
Discover the Incredible Underwater World Deep into ocean in tranquility Scuba diving in Fujairah is the ideal water sports activity for the one who is in search of a unique and adventurous activity. Come and join us for the nonstop fun in the underwater scuba diving in Fujairah. Scuba diving in Dubai also known as "Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus" is a very popular and breathtaking activity for those who are looking for underwater fun, natural scenic beauty, best leisure or just want to get refreshed by diving.

The Experience: The emirate of Fujairah on the East coast of the UAE is an ideal place for divers to get shallow and deep Sea diving fun. The water of Fujairah takes its warmness from the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean. The domestic reef famously known as "Dibba Rock" is a marine preserver. You reach at this famous diving place by taking a very short boat drive from our diving center. This small journey towards Dibba Rock for having scuba diving in Fujairah is the best trip to one of the best diving sites in UAE. Water Visibility would be good and during this trip you get the amazing chance to see marine species including game, Reef fish and Turtles. You would enjoy your dive and glide in the clear waters

Night Scuba Diving in Fujairah

Night Scuba Diving in Fujairah
Uniquely magical Underwater Experience Unlocking the lure of waters at night Night diving in Fujairah is a dramatically entertaining diving opportunity in the silence of darkness where the sea shows its treasures on a leisurely mode. You dive in tune to the night's rhythm and enjoy the overpowering beauty of the Fujairah waters at night. The exciting activity of diving gets more thrilling if conducted during night.

Night Scuba Diving -The Experience: The Dubai east coast is situated on an isolated corner of the Indian Ocean and this part of the ocean is known for its most varied and biologically productive water of the world. Our night diving point in Fujairah is the Dibba Rock where night decorates the whole place a magical charm. Night Scuba diving offers you chance to view some of the most beautiful and diverse types of fishes under the sea. Your night scuba diving experience in Fujairah gets more entertaining when you see sleeping turtles underwater. If you don't wake them up you can watch them closely. The spirit of adventure and thrill reach its height and you feel in union with the natural elements as close as possible ever and marvel on the creativity of the almighty.

Night Crab Hunting

Crab Hunting In Umm Al Quwain
Refine your Hunting Instincts Umm Al Quwain is located in the Northern region of UAE and is the only place where mangrove formation is found. Mangroves which are a natural phenomenon are found only in low tide area that is adjacent to land. Mangroves are ideal habitat for crabs. Night Crab hunting is a very popular marine sport which is enjoyed in the mangroves of Umm Al Quwain. Since low tides are very harmless so everyone in the family including kids enjoy it a lot.

Night Crab Hunting the Experience: You reach Umm Al Quwain from Dubai/ Sharjah by our vehicle. You reach the famous Flamingo Beach Resort from where your boat trip starts to the mangroves. These mangroves are rich in crabs. You will be supported in the hunt by experts who would guide you to hunt the best catch. The whole area is flood lit and as the tides in mangroves are really low, even your kids can indulge in the hunting exercise. Once the hunting is over, our boat would bring you the hotel so that you can enjoy a sumptuous continental dinner with your catch of fresh crabs cooked to your taste by the hotel chefs.


Dubai Jet Ski
Make Your Jet Ski Dream Come True Splash the waves on top of a power jet ski. Experience the push of jet engine while you fly on the waves of Al Mamzar beach. The fact that part of the beach has specially been designated to Jet Skiing makes the experience even better. Easy drive watercrafts help u take full control so u can enjoy the ride to its fullest. The adrenaline rush and the excitement of it, makes it a must do things for thrill and speed lovers.

Jet Ski Dubai - The Experience: Feel the power of a jet engine against waves. Jet ski is the best experience for thrill and fun seekers. After pick up from your hotel, you drive to Al Mamzar beach which has been dedicated only to jet ski lovers. Enjoy your 30 minutes or one hour jet ski ride. Jet ski ride lets you experience the rare opportunity of piloting a 'Personal Water Craft'. The easy drive technique and sleek design of jet ski lets u to be a part of it so u enjoy the ride to its fullest. This thrilling experience will amaze you with power, precision and outright enjoyment which makes it a must to do for those who like to feel the adrenaline rush.