"Let your sprit fly"

Desert Safari Dubai

A Slice of Desert Charm To Cherish
Desert Safari is highly popular sporting enjoyed by all age groups in Dubai. Such is its popularity that it has now become synonymous with Dubai. The Safari offers an excitement that is super charged as it is done on the rolling dunes with powerful SUVs. The Desert Safari is a MUST tour itinerary for every tourist to Dubai.

Desert Safari Dubai - The Experience:
Desert Safari offers a thrilling experience those boarders on any roller coaster ride. As the desert is away from the bustling city of Dubai, the trip to desert takes you through the city and some of its world famous landmarks. The actual fun of desert safari Dubai starts when your 4WD reaches the golden sands of the desert to kick start the real action. The convoy of safari assembles at a meeting point in desert where deflation of tires happens and the expert safari drivers led by experienced trip guides prepare the vehicles. Your stomach is in knots when the monster 4WDs hit the dunes hard and sand splashes on your windows like water. You shriek, pray and yell with a mix of emotions of fear, joy and excitement.

Excitement goes to the next level when you reach the sand boarding area, atop one of the tallest dunes, strap on your sand boards, you feel your heart pumping up and you grab a heart-beat while you take the steep slide down the dune. Next stop is the Camel Farms, where you would get to see groups of camels resting in their natural habitat unmindful of the world around them. The most remarkable moment of your Safari is when you capture the Dubai desert sunset in your camera as sun goes hiding behind the dunes after a hard day work. After enjoying the fun and thrill of dune bashing which most interested part of Desert Safari, now it's time to welcome you to our desert camp which is built on the lines of an authentic Bedouin village, made with local materials and palm frond with a 'Majlis' as its center. You are served refreshments and cooling juices before starting more activities starting with a camel ride, quad biking (to be paid separately), henna for ladies as well as a photo-op in Arabic costumes available in the camp. Your Desert trip is continuously captured on expert camera and video that could be picked up by you at a price. We spread out a gourmet BBQ dinner with vast array of salads, a sumptuous buffet of continental and Asian dishes under an open and beautiful desert sky. While you are feasting on our dinner a sensuous belly dance performance comes alive with traditional Arabic music. This high octane trip ends when you go back to your 4WD and close your eyes savoring each moment spent.

Dune Bashing Dubai (Morning)

Your Thrill Factor in Desert
The Trip dune bashing is an exciting desert sport. It is a signature desert activity of Dubai where the mettle of man, power of machine is put against the rolling and treacherous desert dunes of Dubai in an entertaining manner. The machine i.e. the 4WDs and man i.e. the drivers driving these 4WD monsters are both ideal for providing you with roller coaster ride. As a day time activity, you will lose a beat or two when the sand splashes hard on your 4WD window but the vehicle recoils back and claim its rightful place as kings of dunes. Dune Bashing Dubai is also known as morning desert safari Dubai.

Dune Bashing Dubai - The Experience:
The trip starts with when our courteous driver comes to pick you up as per your instruction. You pass through this majestic city and appreciate the wide and clean roads as well as tall imposing structures. Very soon the city is left behind and your vehicle, which is generally a monster 4WD like Toyota Land Cruiser, halts at a pre-determined place to join the other vehicles of the convoy. After deflating tyres, these mean machines hit the dirt track of desert to launch an onslaught on the dunes. Dunes are nature's miracles and form everyday hence everyday there would be surprises for you. Once you are in the vast desert your driver comes into action. His skillful driving to slide, leap, bash and surf the dunes comes to a halt when you come to a point for sand boarding. Here you capture the most adventurous moments of your life in your cameras. Another option for Dune Bashing Dubai is through a buggy dune vehicle that provides even more roller-coaster experience. But it has no safety features and rolling over the sleepy dunes is more common. Your dune bashing experience in Dubai with us is for 30 minutes but whole trip is for duration of 3-4 hours then you move back to our desert camp. While in your camp you can enjoy a lot more activities such as taking your picture on a camel or in traditional local Arab dress, admire and try yourself artistic henna tattoo, smoke the flavored Sheesha (smoke). The trip is also known as morning desert safari Dubai.

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Night Safari - Live a Desert Dream Overnight
Sleeping under the star lit sky of Desert after a hard day of Dune bashing is one of kind of experiences. You surround yourself with nothingness and become one with the nature. All your mental and physical fatigues would evaporate away in the overnight desert safari Dubai while you are lying on the sand. You wake up to the calls of birds and kiss of tender sunlight while the sand is still cold. Many tourists come to experience this from all over the world and relive the lives of Bedouin. On hand camp caretaker would serve tea and light breakfast. In winter you can have a bonfire and sleep in the warmth. In summer you have cooling sand beneath you to cool off the heat.

Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai - The Experience:
Overnight desert safari in Dubai is a rare opportunity to have the benefits of both evening desert safari and a laid back night out in the desert. After the super exciting and tiring dune bashing move forward to the desert camp to have a brisk camel ride near the camp. Get into a local dress for photographs to take back memories captured in your camera of an unforgettable Dubai Desert evening, savor the flavored Arabian water-pipe, enjoy an enchanting belly dance and feast on the BBQ buffet dinner. Once the belly dance is over most of the tourists would head back home and suddenly the desert become very quiet and still. It is time for bonfire and music of choice to become one with nature. Experience the desert tranquility as you relax and sleep in your tent under a starlit desert sky, virtually a mesmerizing canopy of a million stars. Wake up to gentle call of birds and a good morning tea and light breakfast by our camp crew. Head back to the city on our 4WD with the memories of overnight desert safari Dubai.

Hatta Mountain Safari

Behold and Befriend the Mountain Ranges Red Dunes, Mountains and Wadi Spectacular
Hatta Safari is an off-road short round trip in which you experience the beauty of Dubai in two different ways. At first you see the natural beauty of the desert and then you explore the mountainous beauty that is beyond your imagination. You get maximum enjoyment from your Safari when you experience thrilling dune bashing and off-road driving in the Wadi while taking photographs of the big red Hajjar Mountains.

Hatta Mountains Safari - The Experience:
Your fabulous Mountain Safari tour starts soon after you leave behind Dubai in your 4WD vehicle. Your luxury and well equipped vehicle cuts the chest of desert and you get maximum enjoyment while travelling on the red sand dunes at Lahbab. You make a small stopover at Carpet market and then move ahead to the Hajjar Mountains while travelling through ravines. During your tour you experience the adventures of travelling through winding gorges, along Wadis (dry river beds) and beautiful landscapes. During your tour to Hajjar Mountain you will be able to see some of the roughest, most dramatic terrains in the country that are very beautiful to view. When you see a wide variety of colorful rocks formation of the Hajjar Mountains you cannot stop yourself from comparing them with Grand Canyon in USA. If you make your Safari in rainfall season then you will be lucky enough to dive into the cool and natural water pool before heading towards the Heritage Village of Hatta. At Heritage Village you see how local citizens have tried to restore the 16th century by building a museum that offers you some insights on the history of this area. You enjoy your traditional lunch at Hatta Fort hotel of UAE before heading back to the city of Dubai.